How to find design inspiration for your space.

How to find design inspiration for your space.

So we all watch flip through magazines from time to time, pin items on Pinterest boards, watch our favorite HGTV shows or even search youtube for room inspiration. This is all normal and something that many of us are accustomed to. I have found that even though many people may like, save or gain inspiration from what they see, when it comes to what the really like they are clueless.


Let’s break this down from the most popular tool people use for room inspiration and that would be Pinterest. Pinterest in an online tool where you can pin items to curated boards that you can use or save to review later for inspiration for an array of things. I honestly believe Pinterest is a great tool because I have used it in the past with my clients and it seems to be a great starting point. The only word of caution I would advice is to not go pin crazy because once you do then there is no turning back and you begin to travel down this long rabbit hole in which you don’t know how to escape.

My tip is to write down your likes and your dislikes, different colors and how they make you feel. What places have you enjoyed traveling to and where would you like to go? What textures do you enjoy and what kind of lighting make you feel at ease? These simple questions are a great start because it will allow you to be a little more mindful before you begin to create your inspiration board.

When it comes to design style many people don’t know the technical breakdown of design styles such as modern, eclectic, transitional, traditional, contemporary etc. They just see a picture and say ok I like this space or that space. In my opinion I believe design is not on dimensional and that many people are attracted to different design styles so if that is you… no need to panic.

Understanding that a space is composed of layers and sometimes the elements that we place in them can be inspired by the past such as a vintage find or something new, exciting and on trend. What you may not know it that both of those items can be included in the same space and that very space will have a cohesive feel.

Your space should be a reflection on you so have fun with it and find what inspires you first.

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