Easy corner home office look

Easy corner home office look

For many of us working from home has been something we are used to but for others it is a huge adjustment especially in the year of 2020 when work from home has become a norm. With that change having a space where you like to work can be bit of a challenge. Luckily while you are at home you have the freedom to create the space… with out the push back of upper management which is a huge bonus!

 I am now sharing one of my office spaces at home and I wanted a nice, feminine, and polished look so I decided to go with a black color pallet. The best part of this space is that I can continue to add photos and imagery over time and change out accessories.

Home office, Black and gold home office

The desk is a DKNY desk with built in plug which is great for me to charge my phone and laptop when needed. For greenery I decided to add a faux plant as well. I decided to incorporate two reminders on the wall... one stating "be still" meaning to not overwork and the other is "thankful" which is a constant reminder to be thankful for all that we have. 

If you need help sourcing items for your space feel free to reach out. 


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