Simple Closet Organization - For Anyone

Simple Closet Organization - For Anyone

 So I've relocated to GA from NC and my fiancé' and I are now sharing a closet. I will admit I do like the set up better than my old closet but, the room space that I have has been split in half. I had to say to myself.... self... you need a solution.

The first thing I did was purchase all black hangers. For one black hangers will allow for less distraction in the closet, maybe it's just me who knows. The next thing I did was purge anything that I brought with me that no longer served a purpose for me. If I haven't worn the item within the last 6-8 months then it was gone. Funny thing is this was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

The next thing I did was color coordinate my wardrobe. I love a neutral color pallet as you can tell but every now and again ill have a pop of color to tie in. I began with the white and cream-colored tops and worked my way down.

 It’s all about the aesthetic so always remember that. I believe it is so much easier to get dressed when everything thing is easier to find. Whether you have a large number of clothes or just a few, these are a few ways I stay organized and guess what it doesn’t hurt that it looks better overall.

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