What is eDesign and how can it work for you?

What is eDesign and how can it work for you?

What is eDesign?

E-Design is a remote design service that allows you to get help with the various spaces in your home through mood boards, 3D renderings, shopping lists, consultations, and room layout plans. 

This is an alternative to traditional design especially for those who do not mind being a little more hands-on with their design projects.


How can eDesign work for you?

E-Design is a design service that allows clients to work with interior design professionals online from the comfort of their own home or anyway around the world. Sometimes clients are interested in interior design services but want to control various aspects of the project such as when to purchase products or schedule various contractors around their schedule.

With eDesign service the upfront work is done for you so that you can now tackle the project on your own time.


What’s typically involved in the eDesign process?

As you know with any business, processes are handled differently, but in general here is a basic overview in 3 steps.


A consultation (online via zoo or phone) or questionnaire is typically the first step in the E-design process. During this step the client gives the designer a little more insight into what they expect, what they envision, likes, dislikes, overall budget, design style etc. This is a very important part of the E-design process.



The designer will get to work creating a few deliverables based upon what you all have agreed up. This could be as simple as a mood board, full room design, rendering etc. The sourcing of products occurs if the client has opted for a custom shopping list to be created by the designer. The custom shopping list allow the client to purchase the items showed in the design board (design) without having to dig through countless websites and Pinterest boards to find similar items shown in the design.



During the last phase, the client is off to create the space with the guidance of the designer via any provided tools, notes, layout plans, scheduling of contractors, zoom/phone calls etc. This last stage could look different for many people as some e-designers offer completely online design assistance and others may offer Hybrid design. Hybrid design gives clients the convenience of E-design with the support of in person help when needed.



E-Design service is a service that works for the right candidates who look forward to piecing their homes together themselves with the guidance of a pro.

Do you have anymore questions regarding the E-Design process? If so feel free to reach out to me via email hello@dwelling22.com

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