The Studio

Dwelling22 studio is a lifestyle and design company who's mission is to bring harmony and Balance to everyday lives through products and design.

Our environment plays a huge role in our wellbeing so curating spaces that spark creativity, peace and productivity is our mission.

We do this for homes by carefully listening to our clients’ needs and finding solutions that best fit their lifestyles via our expertise.

We do this for businesses by studying their current brand and culture and offering effectives solutions that not only impact their staff but patrons and customers as well.

  Contact: hello@dwelling22.com


Keyatta is a native of Charlotte, NC and currently lives in Atlanta, GA. She has a love for people and curating designs that positively impact day to day living. She's designed and decorated residential, commercial spaces, and film sets for clients. Additionally she's supported non-profit home builders as a resource and keynote speaker. 

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